Headline features:

Fully multitasking, system-friendly emulation of a 48K/128K/+2 Sinclair Spectrum.

Runs on OS3.x or OS4. Compatible with UAE.

OCS/AGA/RTG screen or window display.

Can run multiple copies simultaneously.

Font-sensitive gadtools GUI.

AppWindow drag-and-drop support.

AHI 16-bit stereo sound.

ARexx port.

Coded in hand-optimised 680x0 assembly language.

Full emulation of Z80 CPU including:

Accurate Spectrum memory model:

Genuine Spectrum screen colours and look including BRIGHT, FLASH and rainbow effects. (Examples)

Border colour at "OUT" instruction level. Rainbow border colours supported.

Configurable, stabilised, anti-aliased 48K beeper and stereo AY-3-8912 chip sound at "OUT" instruction level.

Can produce tape saving noise accurately enough to load into a real machine.

Joystick support for Kempston, Cursor, Sinclair 1 & 2, and User-Defined Key emulation.

Kempston mouse support.

Speed regulation to a 3.5MHz Z80. Spare 68K CPU time given back to system.

Adjustable speed relative to a real Spectrum.

CPU and display timings adjust correctly for 128K and 48K modes.

Loads ".SNA" (48K & 128K), ".Z80", ".SP", ".FRZ" and ".ZLS" snapshots.

Saves ".SNA" (48K & 128K), ".Z80" and ".SP" snasphots.

Loads ".TAP" and ".TZX" tape files.

Saves ".TAP" tape files.

Will decompress files using the XFD package.

Tape browser.

Screen grabber.

Comprehensive AmigaGuide documentation.

What it DOESN'T do. (Yet?):

Save crunched files.

+3 support.

Disk drive hardware emulation.

SLT/DAT loader.

TZX accelerated loading.

Internal debugger/disassembler