Version history of changes and bugfixes.
Most recent changes first.

(23/07/07)V0.89bFix: Icon argument path was ignored.
Fix: GUI state confusion if audio allocation failed.
Chg: Removed all OS4 JIT workarounds. (Requires July 07 update).
(04/05/07)V0.89Add: Kempston mouse support.
Add: Key-overlay help image.
Add: .ZLS (ZX-Live) snapshot loader.
Fix: Spectrum lock-up if flash-load with no tape.
Fix: OS4 lowlevel.library workaround bugfix.
Chg: Possible small speed-ups in Z80 core.
(02/01/07)V0.88Fix: Timing discrepancy between MMU and non-MMU cores.
Fix: Lock-up if attempt bad TZX file load when tape playing.
Fix: Flashloader timing and exit register simulation improved.
Chg: Workaround OS4 Final Petunia problem with ADDX/SUBX.
Chg: Workaround OS4 Final LowLevel/AmigaInput library dependency.
Add: Randomise RAM on reset, for effect. :-)
(21/05/06)V0.87bFix: Tape Playing menu item wrong checkmark type.
Fix: Menu didn't always follow state of actual tape playing.
(01/05/06)V0.87Add: Cursors & RAlt can simulate joystick.
Add: OS4-friendly "lowlevel simple" joyport access.
Fix: Buffering changes for AHI v6.
Fix: Inverted tape sense. Allows various Gremlin games to load.
Fix: Port $FE bit-dependencies corrected.
Fix: Switching 128K->48K without reset could cause display freeze.
Fix: Tape start/stop could cause spurious audio allocation errors.
Fix: Make flashloader exact timing. Fixes Real Ghostbusters flash-load.
Chg: Major internal changes to gfx engine.
Chg: Minor changes to Z80 core for (possible) small speed-up.
Chg: Added a few menu key-shortcuts.
Chg: Workaround for OS4Upd4 Petunia bug. (V0.86.2)
Fix: Misc minor fixes and tweaks.
(22/02/05)V0.86Add: SNA128 load and save.
Add: FRZ load.
Add: TAP save.
Fix: Normal/Shadow buffer lineflag update.
Fix: Drag & drop of bad file could confuse GUI.
Chg: Tape Browser now uses "DATA" instead of "BLOCK".
Chg: STD DATA now shows used data length, not block size.
(09/01/05)V0.85bFix: Save Settings crashed in conjunction with SystemPatch.
Chg: Defaults better for emulated systems.
(03/01/05)V0.85Add: 128K modes with no MMU
Add: Menu item to switch between MMU and soft page mode.
Chg: TAP flash-loader now auto-stops tape.
(27/07/04)V0.84Add: AHI 16-bit sound.
Add: Screen-grabber.
Chg: Runs in 48K mode without MuLib.
Add: gameport.device joystick access.
Fix: DAA instruction now exactly correct.
Chg: Major rewrite of graphics system.
Chg: EmuCore now has no secondary decodes.
Fix: ROM manager failed to release empty slots.
Chg: TZX loader res. now 64T. (Fix Simpsons Vs. Space Mutants)
Chg: Prefs now tooltype-alike text file.
Chg: Removed almost all CLI Args.
Fix: JoyKeys display was bad if no initial settings.
Chg: Screen/palette fix for some truecolour displays.
Add: Ctrl key is E-shift.
Fix: Z80 loader with lone $ED at end of compressed block.
Fix: SNA loader would not always correctly clear stack.
Fix: Colour-0 border would leave old colour if turned off.
Add: Option to swap stereo channels.
Fix: Flash-loader would lock out Spectrum if no tape.
Chg: Some changes to fallbacks and defaults in snapshots.
(21/11/02)V0.83Chg: New gfx system for hi-res rainbow. (Abandoned!)
(22/06/02)V0.82bFix: Address mask for port $7FFD.
Chg: Z80 core mods based on '030 tests.
Chg: Modify usage of lowlevel.library.
Fix: Issue 2 support was, erm, not working! :)
(06/03/02)V0.82Add: ROM Config. GUI.
Add: Selectively write-enabled ROMs.
Add: SP file load and save.
Add: Decrunches ROM files on load.
Add: Dragndrop for Tape files.
Chg: Allow corrupted TAPs to be loaded.
Add: Simple status bar.
Add: TZX Archive Info block.
Add: TZX User Select block.
Add: TZX Instructions block.
Add: TZX Picture block.
Add: User choice of gameport access method.
Chg: Lowlevel.library now optional.
Chg: New algorithm for some Z80 8-bit math.
Add: 48K Issue 2 support. (Port $FE bit dependency.)
Chg: Use MAPP_SHARED mode of MuLib for FScreen.
Chg: Rewrite flashloader from scratch. (Fixes Lemmings.)
Fix: TAP2TZX could truncate data.
Chg: Speeded up initial TZX block scan.
Fix: No longer holds locks on files in use.
Add: Tape browser is now AppWindow.
Add: Share menus with tape browser.
Add: Navigate tape with keys.
Add: ROMPAGEn tooltypes, etc.
Add: Ability to have alternate names for tooltypes.
Add: Secondary ROM trap for Flashloader. Avoid white border.
Chg: Clean up and modify save format selection.
Chg: ARexx SAVE uses new system too.
Fix: Port $7FFD lock bit was ignored in 0.81.
Fix: TZX Custom title now full 16 chrs.
Chg: Internal reworking of file and string handling code.
Fix: Various corrections to docs.
(21/08/01)V0.81Add: Simple tape browser.
Fix: LDxR can now self-modify during execution. (Fixes Alcatraz protection).
Fix: T-state count error with DDED/FDED instructions.
Fix: .Z80 loader now stays in current 128K mode if possible.
(07/07/01)V0.80alphaAdd: TZX loader.
Fix: R-Count for block instructions was 2 too many.
Chg: Rewritten Z80 I/O routines.
(18/04/01)V0.79bFix: Init of xxxPATH pointers could fail, causing reads of loc zero.
(15/04/01)V0.79Chg: Totally rewritten ToolTypes, CLIArgs, startup etc.
Add: Ability to load snapshot from project icon or Command Line.
Add: Drag-and-drop snapshot loading support.
Add: Rewritten JoyKeys to support CD32 pad.
Add: Log. AY volume option.
Fix: Current Directory confusion.
Fix: 48K-mode SNA saver was broken.
Fix: Buffer overrun in ASp's filename.
Fix: JoyKeys were not always saved in prefs.
Fix: INxR instructions trashed HL.
Chg: Manual optimisations to 0(An) where Devpac missed them.
Add: "Overwrite" warning when saving.
Fix: Window auto-alignment close to RHS of screen.
Chg: Minor modification to DAA H-flag behaviour.
Chg: Workaround for potential P96 MoveWindow() bug.
(20/01/01)V0.78Add: Prefs file load and save.
Add: Speed regulation adjustment.
Add: Load crunched snaps via XFD.
(26/12/00)V0.77Add: RTG Window mode.
Add: Top and bottom borders.
Add: Centre screen options.
Add: Colour-0 border re-introduced.
Add: Adaptive rendering.
Add: Larger ZX->Chunky lookup.
Add: Anti-aliasing to 48K audio.
Add: "No audio" feature.
Chg: Remove port $FE contention.
Chg: Mods to hi accy timing.
Fix: Crash on startup (no icon).
(20/10/00)V0.76Add: Rewrite display rendering to support RTG.
Add: Beam synchronised graphics update.
Add: 128K+2 mode.
Add: CLI Args.
Add: More ARexx commands, including those which return values.
Add: Ability to run ARexx scripts.
Add: Definable ARexx port name.
Add: Higher accuracy timing.
Add: "Smart Kempston" stick option.
Add: More flexible ROM loader.
Add: Audio Filter control.
Add: ZipWindow gadget.
Add: Very simple Audio-Save.
Fix: NOFKEYS option now OFF when no icon.
Fix: Minor bug in Load routines.
Fix: Sinclair 2 Joystick now correct.
Fix: Loading without STOP/RUN now uses correct CPU timing.
Fix: Z80 Load/Save routines with uncompressed data.
Fix: Memory leak in GUI code.
Fix: Window refresh was broken.
Fix: EI no longer allows INT directly afterwards.
Chg: Make ARexx port name visible.
Chg: Rearrange emu control to avoid potential (rare) load problem.
Chg: 48K mode now uses "real" 48K ROM, not 128K ROM#1
Chg: Small mods to GUI font-sensitive scaling code.
(01/07/00)V0.75bFixed MCP Enforcer hits with BLANKPOINTER. (Luca Longone)
Fixed lockouts in the GUI.
Fixed menu command keys for Rewind, Reload and Run.
Fixed T-times for single-shifted opcodes which broke in V0.75. :(
Fixed potential to lose an audio event after the end of a frame.
Added "Keep Kempston interface" menu item.
Move Reset from F10 to F9. (Lee Cook)
Add "NOFKEYS" tooltype.
Add a LendMenus() to make it easier to access the menus when dragging down the system screen.
Add correct T usage for successive DD or FD opcodes.
Add interrupt is only valid for 32T.
(25/06/00)V0.75Changed core for 15-20% speedup on 68030.
Added ARexx port.
Added more joystick types.
Added GUI for user defined Key-Joystick.
Better Kempston compatibility. (Artur Chlebek)
Added BLANKPOINTER tooltype.
Fix mulitple menu selections. (Luca Longone)
Added variable audio rates.
Added "Quiet 48K" audio option.
Optimised AY sound again.
Added 48K and 128K timings.
Various misc. fixes.
V0.74Public release of V0.73c paging speedup.
Add: Support for V42 mmu.library SetIndirectArray() for even faster paging!
Add: Re-introduce and improve V0.71b speed mods for 68030.
Fix: Z80 loader now accepts and loads initial part of a SLT.
Add: Some better feedback if failed to init properly.
Chg: ReLoad function now tied to F6, not F2.
Chg: Pattern matching for Load now more sensible.
V0.73dFix: Settings-Hardware menus should now work on all configs!
V0.73cInternal test version for faster bank switching.
V0.73bFix: Menus could be black-on-black.
Fix: If AGA wasn't available, display was trashed.
Attempted fix for AGA shutdown into multiscan modes.
V0.73128K full version.
Add: Z80 V2 saver.
Add: Semi-automatic format choice.
Add: Intuition menus.
Add: Configurable stereo sound.
Fix: TAP loader.
Fix: Shadow screen display in certain mapping modes.
Fix: Z80 file loader.
Improve GUI appearance.
Optimise some audio-related things.
V0.72128K Prerelease version.
Uses Thomas Richter's mmu.library for full 128K page mapping.
Changed Load/Save functions to deal with new memory mapping layout.
Z80 file loader now supports almost any Z80 file. I hope. :)
Rewrote screen access decode to be able to use Shadow Screen.
V0.71bChanged the core emulation decodes for more speed. About 5-15% improvement.
V0.71Removed audio.device sound handling and replaced with hardware version which removes unpleasant buzzing and glitching.
Added Reload and Rewind functions.
Clicking on System Screen now activates, not deactivates(!), ASp input.
Add support for LOADPATH, SAVEPATH and ROMFILE ToolTypes.
Check for AGA chipset and prevent use of AGA Custom display.
Disable (ghost) inoperable gadgets.
Add F-key shortcuts for Load, Reload, Save, Reset. Even when running.
Numeric keypad decimal point now works.
Other GUI and stability enhancements.
V0.70Modify AY sound build to be faster.
Change all sound handling to audio.device calls.
Note! Previous versions sound handling was broken!
Generalise I/O port address decode for compatibility.
Add: Emulation of OUTI/OUTD/INI/IND so more AY demos work.
Is now possible to run multiple copies of ASp.
V0.69Add: AY-3-8912 chip emulation. ("128K" sound.) :-)
V0.68Preliminary TAP loader ROM patch.
GUI layout change to accomodate "tape deck".
V0.67User-selection of Display Type.
Rearrange GUI.
Speed up sound build on fast CPUs.
Check for WB3.0 (V39)
Now does OS-Screen.
Add STOP button and allow most GUI functions even when running.
Make SNA loader clear start addr. Minor compatibility enhancement.
Now only updates changed parts of display. Faster on ManicMiner, etc.
V0.65Internal test version.
V0.64Fixed an enforcer hit in .SNA loader!
Add: Ability to load .Z80 files. Versions 1, 2 & 3 supported.
Add: If a load fails, the emulator state is no longer trashed.
V0.63Added some error requestors for common failure modes.
Now checks for WB2 (V36) and 68020+ :)
Rearranged source a bit for better modularity.
V0.6.2BSelectively removed parts of mods done in V0.5.5: gives more regular and smaller code.
Changed name to "ASp"!
V0.6.2Fix: CPxR had minor bug in flags.
Chg: Careful rearrangement of code for inst cache hits on 030 for appx 8% speedup.
V0.6.1BInternal test version.
V0.6.1Fix: INC+DEC were not setting U-Flags correctly.
Fix: CPI did not set P/V flag at correct BC count. (Fixes Heavy On The Magic)
Add: IN from nonexistant port now returns ATTR bytes dependent on virtual beampos. (Fixes Renegade)
V0.6Added SAVE faciltiy. Saves standard Mirage .SNA files.
Improved "smoothness" of sound.
V0.5.6More speedups efforts by improving inst-cache hits. No use! :(
V0.5.5Tried to get speedup on 030 by reducing memory accesses and improving cache-hits. Minimal success :( Worked great on 060 though - about 20% speedup.
V0.5.4Acquires audio resources 100% system compliant.
Minor speedup.
V0.5.3Fixed problem where system error gong could sound continuously, due to mods made in 0.5.1.
V0.5.2Improved sound handling on slower machines.
More speedup attempts, with mixed results.
V0.5.1Fix: Enforcer hit in GUI.
Fix: Border colour was wrong after Load.
Added Screentitle for window.
Made systemscreen black to make transition of system to/from copperlist nicer.
Made systemscreen smaller to use less chipram.
V0.5Added GUI and ability to pause/restart emulation. Also Load/Reset implemented as functions.

Versions below here were never public. Version numbers are approximate.
V0.4.5Added system screen to prevent display corruption when switching back to variable scan screens. More speedups.
Upto V0.4.4Speedups.
V0.4New sound stabilisation. Good sound and speed synch, but loses border and beam synch. :(
V0.3.5Added Filerequester.
V0.3.3Fixed border synch glitch at line #255.
V0.3.2Synch added for OUT instructions: causes speed, sound and border synch.
V0.3Working one-shot emulator. Loads snapshot, runs, exits. No sound synch.
Upto V0.2Internal test versions.