Quake logo QuakePatch is a very small program that can be dropped into your WBStartup drawer.

It can be useful for speeding up Amiga Quake by patching some FPU instructions. Amiga Quake is programmed for a 68882 co-pro, but 68040 and 68060 cannot always deal with these instructions directly. This means there can be several hundred "emulation exceptions" taken every second. During this time, multitasking and interrupts are disabled which can cause performance hits. Because of the efficiency of the '060 there is no appreciable slowdown in most cases but, if such exceptions occur very frequently, it can be helpful to remove the emulation overheads by patching in inline code. Utilities such as CyberPatcher and OxyPatcher do this.

However, if you are running CyberPatcher or a similar utility, NON-patched emulations can be much slower.

QuakePatch replaces the instructions in Quake which Cyberpatcher does not patch with an inline emulation which prevents further "exceptions" and can speed up Quake by as much as 50%, as well as making networked play more reliable. It will not affect any other programs and will only consume about 1K of memory.

Please note: ClickBOOM released an '060 version of Quake after this patch was written. It may not have much effect on that version.

Please note 2: In the time since QuakePatch written, Thomas Richter created MuRedox, a CyberPatcher-like utility that also successfully patches Quake. It is recommended to use this instead of QuakePatch.

QuakePatch won the August 1998 Amiga Format (R.I.P.) Reader Program Prize.

Download QuakePatch V0.6 (6Kb)

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